Course: Advanced Arts and Design Technician in Photography

Short cycle (EQF level 5)

Advanced  Arts and Design  vocational-training degree in Graphics and Audiovisual Communication.
Duration: 2000 hours, including attendance to lectures, internships, workshops and a final project. 
Structure:  Hours
Subjects 1825
Internships and workshops 100
Integrated Project 25
1st year. 60 ECTS (Annual subjects)
Visual Expression and Representation Fundamentals. 
Image Theory.
Computer Media applied to Photography.
Photography Theory.
Photography History.
Photographic Technique.
Audiovisual Language and Technology.
Technical English for Photography.
Photography Projects.
Labour Guidance.
Second year. 60 ECTS
Computer Applications.
Photographic Theory.
Photographic History.
Photographic Technique.
Audiovisual Language and Technology.
Photography Projects
Business Initiatives.
Integrated Project
Internships and Workshops.
The up-to-date naming of Advanced Technician in Photography shows the professional needs in this specific area of communication for the correct execution of photography projects in different fields  such as documentary, advertising and publishing, fashion, social reports, architectural, industrial and artistic. 
Therefore, this vocational-training course is essential as it gives students the academic and professional training necessary to be able to create photographic artworks for a specific project and  plan its execution taking into account formal, functional, aesthetics and technical aspects. It will also provide students with the necessary skills  to organize and carry out different stages in the photographic project and the capabilities to  best express communicative and artistic goals.

Academic opportunities: 
Arts and design degrees related to the course.

Career prospects: 
Once the course is finished students can become in-house or freelance photographers in companies in the communication business, advertising agencies, design and fashion studios, publishing agencies, newspapers and television. In addition, they will also have the skills to work in museums and artwork restoration, archeology, forensic laboratories, police investigations, legal medicine and expert reports. 

Relevant job titles.
Our students acquire the skills to be qualified professionals able to carry out the following job titles and tasks:
1. Photojournalist. Graphic coverage of information for the media.
2. Social report photographer. Social events coverage and portraits
3. Advertising photographers. Artworks for advertising agencies, graphic design studios and bank of images. 
4. Fashion photographer. Projects for designers, manufacturers, distributors and fashion magazines.
5. Architecture and Interior design photographer. Editorial artworks, documentation and work monitoring. 
6. Artistic photographer. Creation of artworks for the art commercial business.
7. Archaeological sites photographer.
8.  Digital post-production photography.
9. Specialist technician in forensic photographic laboratory
10. Specialist technician in photographic laboratory of conservation and restoration of artworks. 
11. Specialist technician in photographic files and bank of images. 

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