Course: Furniture Design

Short cycle (EQF level 5)

Qualification: Advanced Technician in Fine Arts and Furniture Design


This course provides training to work professionally in the furniture design business. It provides students with training in basic, technical, artistic and cultural knowledge, as well as business management and organizational skills. Our Furniture course lets students immerse themselves in an interdisciplinary approach and allows them to explore furniture in the realms of studio art, craft, and design. Through the physical act of making, coupled with thoughtful collaboration and critique, they will learn to trust their design instincts. They will apply them to their craft. And they will see the world of furniture design in all new ways

Duration: 2 years ( 1700 hours) , a 50 hours placement, and a third year for the development and the presentation of a final project ( 150 hours)


Subjects are not organized in ECTS yet. 

1st year ( Annual subjects) 

Artistic Drawing and Graphic Communication.
History of Furniture.
Descriptive Geometry
Computer-aided Design.
Materials and Technology.
Ergonomics and Anthropometry
Model-making workshop.
Furniture workshop
Labour Guidance.

2nd year. ( Annual subjects)

History of Furniture.
Materials and Technology
Audiovisual media.
Projects and Methodology
Furniture Workshop
Labour Guidance

Academic opportunities:

• Arts and Design Degrees related to the course.
• Degree in Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets.

Career prospects:
Furniture Design students leave with a broad and valuable understanding of a furniture design practice in its many forms. Skills acquired enable them to become versatile practitioners in a range of exciting and diverse contexts and international locations.

Graduates work in product and furniture design, exhibition design, interior design, research and education. High-calibre students quickly gain employment within design and manufacturing companies. Many graduates establish their own design consultancies, while others take degree courses related to the field.

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